RFID Applications

RFID Applications

New era at automation field : RFID

RFID system can be briefly defined as recognition and identification of radio frequency technology. As stated, in 20 years' time, RFID technology will be developed in every possible field. This technology has no disadvantages and bad effects to human health.

Success of RFID projects come from experienced project team and results of accurate applications of engineering at field.

2 kinds of tags are used in RFID applications :

  • Active tags : usage is rare, they're needed where tags should be used with batteries and if that is known more than EPC codes.
  • Passive tags : usage is general, consists of an anttenna and a microprocessor. It operates with the power of receiver antenna, gets and transmits data then gets into sleep mode for waiting new data.

RFID technology has several kinds of applications such as : stock room management, manufacturing process tracking, parking lot automation, security and automatic transit systems.

Most important advantage of this technology is ; tags can be programmed and read several times. When computer technology and efficient software are combined with these facilities, RFID has to be considered as key factor to automation systems and defined as a main component of efficiency in technology.

Our company is able to present turnkey projects to systems mentioned above.

Automation of Parking Lots

  • At automatic transit systems, gaining sufficient experience and knowledge is aimed and it is accomplished.
  • System consists of one main computer and readers that are connected to main computer.
  • Every reader can operate as a reader 1 input and/or 1 output function.


  • All data is stored at database server.
  • There is no limit at the number of records.
  • System is tested up to 100.000 vehicles. Entering or going out from parking area at the same time doesn't slow down operations.
  • There are 3 authorisation levels at the system.

Warehouse Automation

  • RFID operates very efficiently at warehouse management and stock counting.
  • By placing readers at the entrances and exits of warehouse, user can track stock entrance/exit operations continuously.
  • Besides, stock counting can be done with readers that are placed in mobile platforms or protable readers.
  • System is tested that readers can get data from tags at fabrics in 2 meters deep shelves (even in iron shelves).
  • System can interact with stock/accounting programs that are used in company.

Manufacturing Process Tracking

System can be programmed anywhere if there are readers and a machine that can print RFID tags. Because of this feature, in any stage of manufacturing this system can be included so every stage of manufacturing can be recorded.