On-vehicle shooting system that can be aimed to target from inside the vehicle by the help of joystick and aiming point can be monitored with inside cameras.


  • installed on vehicle
  • can be mounted/demounted in few seconds on vehicle.
  • controlled by joystick from inside of vehicle.
  • equipped with laser system for accurate shooting.
  • thermal camera can be installed optionally and watched inside of vehicle.
  • is secure, reliable and resistant to outdoor conditions
  • more than one system can be mounted on a vehicle.


  • consists a reliable, fast and easy firing procedure.
  • can be aimed to target exactly with help of laser pointer.
  • does self-test continuosly; it is ready for shooting for any time.
  • indicates firing readiness with a light indicator.
  • security level is increased with inappopriate firing intervals.


  • does firing only when system is all prepared.
  • operates full electronically.
  • can be used at between -40 to +55 Co range.