Company Introduction


At 1982, upward rise of TEKSAV Teknoloji has begun. During the years, technical stuff build up were established which led to excellent capabilities and skills to match the tough technical requirements of military systems.

Specific research, development and quality goals targeted and reached with great ethusiasm. Promoted newer opportunities to the company and eventually TEKSAV Teknoloji has become and indispensible to the military.

Quality systems applied in the company follows the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System procedures and Military standard are common. The company is registered to NATO Coding Scheme (NAMSA) under with T9041 code.

An important reputation vested on TEKSAV Teknoloji for quality products of high technology based systems with utmost care and service presented to its customers located inland and abroad.

In Brief ;

  • In house technology development capacity
  • Mechanical design and production ( pneumatic, hydraulic )
  • Electronics hardware, software design and production (PC, micros)
  • Good reputation
  • Respected past performance record ( local and international)
  • Worldwide representatives



Azerbaijan, Georgia, Cyprus Turkish Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
USA, Brazil, Croatia, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Colombia, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia
Angola, Bangladesh, UAE, Algeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Gambia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Qatar, Congo, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia, Oman, Yemen, Jordan
Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore


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